Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FAQ: How did this all start?

How did this all start? Well, one day, after my sixth or seventh load of laundry, I looked at the washing machine and thought:

(you can do this using Colonel Sheppard´s voice, if you like)

¨You know...that kinda looks like a Stargate... 

And then...

¨I wonder if that is where all our matching socks have gone??¨

As sometimes happens when a perfectly ordinary person is (I won´t use the word ¨stuck¨) at home with small children for long periods of time, my mind wandered, and I thought about what my missing socks might in fact be doing in the Pegasus Galaxy... and so, the Matching Sock blog was born. I will be drawing (hopefully quite frequently) Stargate Atlantis episodes, as re-enacted by my missing socks in the Pegasus Galaxy.

If you would like more info on how the stargates in Sockgate Atlantis work, click here. Just in case this is a little too wierd for you: really, I am just learning to draw and paint and have decided I would rather sketch things I am interested in, like say, Todd the Wraith, than sketch bowls of fruit etc. So, its not really that weird. I promise: I really don´t actually believe that my missing socks are running Atlantis and saving the Pegasus Galaxy. (Although, you know, in a parallel universe, maybe they are...)

Frequently Asked Questions: If I get asked something even once, it classifies for immediate publication as a ¨Frequently Asked Question¨. We don't play hard to get here at Sockgate Atlantis. Email me, leave a comment, or stop me in the street to ask more.
Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are fictional. No effort has been made to contact the actual socks or footwear of any of the cast, crew or producers of the Stargate franchise. If your sock would like to appear in Sockgate Atlantis, please leave a link to your ravelry project in a comment. Feel free to tell me ideas for future episodes. No socks were harmed in the making of this blog. And, yes, my husband promises to get me out more.

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